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De Sphera

Spharae coelestis et planetarum descriptio

Illuminated manuscript on parchment
170 x 240 mm

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Heritage of the Este Library of the University of Modena

De Sphera
is considered the most beautiful astrological book of the Italian Renaissance . Illuminated and decorated for the court of Milan by a refined artist of the Lombard school (maybe Cristoforo de Predis), it reached the Este Court in Ferrara as part of frequent artistic and cultural exchanges with the Sforza court. The manuscript summarizes, with unparalleled elegance, the astrological knowledge of the time and above all, it witnesses the authority and reputation gained by the faith in the stars and the astrological studies, once fashion and culture of the most powerful and refined courts. De Sphera is part of an already profitable trend, that of planet and zodiac iconography, with the beauty of its miniatures and rhymed verses of the horoscopes. The manuscript consists of 16 cards giving life to an extraordinary book of 32 pages, of which 15 entirely illuminated. The text, in semi-gothic calligraphic style is written in Italian using red, sepia and blue ink


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