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The Book of Hours of Renata of France

Illuminated manuscript on parchment
88 x 122 mm

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Heritage of the Este Library of the University of Modena

The Book of Hours of Renata of France
is a small lovely illuminated manuscript stolen and never recovered during an exhibition at Monte Cassino in 1994. The manuscript, created around 1517, arrived at the Este court as a dowry gift of the Duchess Renata of Valois, when she married Hercules III. " Les petites prières de Renée de France " is one of the most valuable books of praise of the first XI century, admirable Renaissance masterpieces still in vogue in the European courts even after the invention of printing. The most recent studies identified the creator miniaturist in de Maitre Claude of France, a Parisian manuscript artist of Claudia of Valois, sister of Renate and Queen of France. The manuscript consists of 26 cards, 12 full-page miniatures, 25 pages decorated with cornices and marginal friezes richly coloured and decorated in gold, into which flows the text highlighted by 112 illuminated initials. The text, in elegant humanistic golden font is written in Latin and French.


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